About the Academy of Human Informatics



The Academy of Human Informatics (AHI) creates new academic research fields, by applying and integrating widely to various fields reasearches about information emitted by humans, and participates actively in the improvement of human society.

Regarding the informtion overloaded current society, we think that clarifying from various angles information emitted by humans leads to propose a new perspective towards the society. Therfore, at AHI, we are interested in all research topics dealing with information emitted by humans.

For instance, regarding engineering and medicine fields, multidisciplinary research have been conducted to clarify from various angles physiological information emitted by humans. One useful way is to make research about miniature light-weight wearable sensing devices, analysis techniques of accumulated data, feedback and visualization methods of individual health condition and comfort degree, and clarify on various angles information emitted by humans. At AHI, we consider the study of human informatics by sharing these research results. Also, regarding social sciences research fields, research have been conducted on the perspective of information creation from the fusion of various information carried by humans. At AHI, we contribute to the creation of new high-level information by sharing and fusioning these research results.

AHI activities also include standardization of information systems such as physiological information systems.This will enable the construction of databases and categorization of physiological information collected all around the world. Human resources development's support is also an important objective, such as bringing up professionals who can advise the condition of one's health from its physiological information.

Information carried by humans covers a large scope. As Torahiko Terada describes in "Animal herds seen as group of materials" (1933), one may handle human society like a group of molecules, such as it is possible to know human society by solving the macro movements statistically, rather than solving precisely micro movements. At the same time, as described by sociologist Peter L. Berge, to explain a social phenomenon, one should to consider the understanding of each humans belonging to the society, such not only quantitative analysis based on statistical techniques, but qualitative analysis based on the detailed information emitted by each individual composing the society is necessary.

What rules human behavior is not simple rationality. Information emitted by humans is complex and non-linear like if each individual was driven by decisions based on some kind of sensitivity (Colin Camerer), such it is necessary to understand each individual's essence and expand it to the understanding of society's essence in its whole.

From above considerations, we encourage researchers from a widre range of disciplines from medicine, science, health preservation, to engineering, informatics, economics, sociology and such, to join and participate in the Academy of Human Informatics. We also invite medical professionals, electronic makers, informatics-related companies, and health industry stack-holders to participate. By such gathering that overcome traditional academic system, we would like to create a place for an integrated debate about human informatics.

The management will be carried inside the NPO WIN to make the academy grow, aiming at being an independant academic organization in the future.